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The basis for creating this blog is my enjoyment of good coffee. I have found numerous countries that create superb coffee. I have taken a long time looking for and sampling new flavors. and found that each region produces their very own distinctive flavor and level of roasting, from French dark roast coffee to light roast which results in new tastes. Good coffee is just like excellent wine. Delight in the bouquet, distinctive flavors and body. For those who enjoy drinking coffee but you still haven't started on your quest you will be missing out on a fantastic experience. You owe it to yourself to begin right now. The results of my appreciation for good coffee was making use of it in cooking food. The smoky flavors of coffee can improve all types of recipes. Flavored coffee is typical in most desserts, however, when it is included in meat recipes, it has a tendency to to enhance the flavor of the meat without the coffee flavor being overpowering.

Steps To Follow To Produce A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Having in mind the variety of health benefits that arise from drinking coffee, it is vital that we consider the means by which we prepare it for the best results. You may think that all that matters in making this drink is just dissolving your crushed coffee beans in water, but there is more to obtaining a perfect cup of coffee. So, what are the steps that aid in coming up with this perfect cup of coffee? Covered below are some of these measures.

Use quality and fresh coffee beansGrind your coffeeStore it right and tightClean you coffee makerUse the right waterUse the right amount of coffeeServe when hot
Just like in other processes where the input quality affects the quality of the output, so does the quality of the coffee beans used to make your coffee. The better the quality of coffee beans the more perfect the cup of your coffee. So, it is vital that you take some time in researching the available coffee beans in the market for you to select the best. Besides, always go for those beans that are fresh. Check the roasting date on the package and buy those with the latest date. You may also consider buying coffee beans from a local industry so that you can always purchase a fresh package of seeds when one is over.
It is better to grind your coffee rather than buying pre-ground coffee because you can quickly crush the size of coffee you prefer depending on how you make your cup of coffee. Also, having an idea of how you like your coffee grounded helps you replicate the same when making other cups. So, it is an excellent idea to purchase a quality coffee grinder that enables to you crush your coffee just before you brew it for quality results.
It is important to note that the temperatures at which you store your coffee affect the time your coffee beans can stay fresh and the tastes they retain. Ideal temperatures for coffee storage should be in cool and dark places away from heat and not in refrigerators or freezers to avoid absorbing moisture. Storing coffee beans in air-tight containers with a one-way valve is the best solution as this avoids taking in oxygen while allowing carbon dioxide emitted after roasting to escape.
To avoid a change in the taste of your coffee, always clean your coffee maker after every use. Mineral sediments from water and oils from coffee settle at the bottom of your kettle after every use. So, to avoid accumulation of such residues, clean your coffee maker with the assistance of vinegar or other coffee equipment cleaning solutions to keep your coffee tasting fresh at all times.
To make a perfect cup of coffee, you should make sure that you use water that is at the right temperature and free from flavors. This is because some additions to your water such as chlorine may tamper with the taste of your water. Therefore, a better option to use when making your coffee is bottled or distilled water. Also, make sure that you use the right temperatures in making your coffee which should range between 90-96 degrees Celsius. Such temperatures enhance enough extraction of flavor from your coffee beans.
Before preparing your coffee, you should have a clear understanding of the cups of coffee you need to extract. Ensure that the coffee to water ratio is reasonable for a grand tasting of your coffee. Too much coffee as per the amount of water may result in bitter taste while too little may lead to tasteless coffee. Hence, always be on the look out of the proportions to use based on how you prefer your coffee to taste.
Once brewed, coffee does not hold its taste for an extended period. Leaving it warming or leaving it to become cold in a mission to warm it after that may make it bitter due to evaporation of water from boiling it excessively. Therefore, it is recommended to serve your coffee not more than thirty minutes after brewing it.

Following the above steps when making your coffee enhances a perfect taste of your drink as well as its freshness. Hence, make sure that you always follow the steps above every time while preparing your coffee to guarantee a perfect cup of coffee.

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Specialty Coffee Beans

Even passionate drinkers of coffee may not know why one cup tastes delicious and another bland or harsh. The reason is actually quite obvious once you know two different types of speciality coffee beans for your cup. Making certain that the coffee you drink as a beverage and use in cooking is brewed from superior ground beans is the surest way to start off your morning with a top-notch pot of tempting java.

The beans you want to brew are called Arabica beans, a much superior form with a rich and complex flavor. Variants of this coffee bean family include Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, or Colombian Supreme. When these are grown by expert coffee bean farmers they have the potential to create some of the best coffee you have ever tasted.

Taking these premium beans to the heights are the experts who are called master roasters, carefully pampering the Arabica beauties through the roasting process, bringing them to the ultimates in flavor, aroma, and color. The consistency an artisanal roaster offers the coffee drinker requires both the bean and the process be of the highest quality.

When you find a roaster that best prepares your Arabica beans it is now up to you to complete the process. Use the best water you can find and a clean, well-maintained coffee maker. Prepare the beans in a high-quality burr grinder and brew. Alternatively, use a pour over system or a French press to brew the finest cup of coffee you have ever relished. This is the luxury of specialty coffee brewed to perfection.

Speciality Coffee Beans

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Coffee Recipe Selection

Coffee Maker Recipes

Caribbean CoffeeSpicy Mexican MochaCubano CoffeeGrog with CreamDecadent Viennese CoffeeDark and Strong Turkish CoffeeVietnamese Iced Coffee
To make a Caribbean coffee, you need to heat a coconut in a hot oven for half an hour. Once the coconut has cooled break it open and grate the flesh inside. Heat this in a saucepan with coconut milk and regular milk until it becomes thick, and then run it through a strainer to remove the coconut pieces, stir in a couple of shots of high quality espresso and enjoy
The Mexican Mocha is a spicy, warming blend of colorful flavors, perfectly suited to that part of the world. Mix chocolate syrup with ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Add a cup if freshly brewed coffee, preferably Mexican in origin, and a little sugar if required. Little whipped cream on the top with a further sprinkle of cinnamon finishes the drink perfectly
The Cubano coffee is drunk in a strong straight shot, rather like a spirit. It can have a similar effect on the head too. For those who want to tame the beast, combining with a little hot milk can produce a pleasing taste. For the more adventurous, diluting with rum is a popular local alternative.
To make Grog, a veritable feast of a drink, you need to mix peeled orange slices with pieces of lemon. Add butter, dark brown sugar and ground spices such as cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Add freshly brewed coffee and mix. Double cream should be added until the required consistency is achieved.
The deliciously decadent Viennese is made by combining melted dark chocolate with single cream and freshly brewed coffee. This is whisked together to make it bubbly and then allowed to settle. It is best drunk with a little spice sprinkled on top; try cinnamon mixed with cocoa.
Turkish coffee is unusual in that it is actually boiled, often in coffee makers made for the purpose called dzezvas. The finely ground coffee is mixed with water and sugar and then brought to the boil. The resulting drink is thick dark and strong, and the grinds can sometimes be cut with cardamom to produce a distinctive taste.
For a complete change in temperature, try the Vietnamese iced coffee. Condensed milk, fresh filter coffee and ice are mixed together with very tasty result.

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